Thursday, 7 November 2013


heyyaaa :D so I just got home, doing my work and then here I am :D lol frankly, I have nothing to do :/ kinda bored in my room but guess what, tonight I'd like to talk about Nickasaur! haha actually, haven't heard any news from him (considering I haven't logged in to my Twitter lately :p) so yeah, I put one of his music here (Dearest Melissa). I remembered the first time I heard about him, Nickasaur! and at that time I was all like.. what's that? .___. seriously dude, I had no idea about that thing. but then one of my friend told me what Nickasaur! really was. I started googling him and I found he was cute lol :D and his music was cool :) so I decided to download many of his music, follow him on Twitter and guess what (again) :p he followed me back, dude! rofl :D my dream came truuuuuuue xD I just think he's an amazing composer lol :D and also, I love his fashion-style :3


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